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Why is Rowad Al-Alam Company The Best Moving Company in Riyadh?

Why is Rowad Al-Alam Company The Best Moving Company in Riyadh?



It offers for its customers exclusive furniture moving services with advanced equipment and tools, modern methods and cars, as well as unprecedented and unusual prices in any other furniture moving company in Riyadh, as well as at the level of the Kingdom.


Advantages of the Rowad El Alam company for moving furniture:

Outstanding customer service

We start with the company’s very special customer service, as it is always available all days of the week, even on official holidays.


We follow an organized method of arranging the work of the baggage transfer team so that our team is always available throughout the day.


In order to provide our customers with all means of comfort, all that is enough for you is to call our number, and we will be with you immediately.


Professional Furniture Movers

One of the most important pillars of our work in this field is our reliance on specialized trained workers for each type of furniture.


We have the best carpenters in Riyadh to dismantle and install wooden furniture such as cupboards, beds, as well as wooden kitchens and others.


If you want a furniture moving company in Riyadh with dismantling and installation, the achievement company does that.


We also have the best electrician to dismantle and install all electrical appliances professionally and easily.


The best air conditioning technician works with us to dismantle and install all air conditioners, whether split or otherwise.

Our Prices of a Furniture Moving Company in Riyadh (Rowad El Alam) are cheap and Competitive:

furniture moving service

If you are looking to move furniture in Riyadh, 300 riyals, 500 riyals, or 1000 riyals, or the cheapest furniture moving company in Riyadh,


The matter should not be searched for like this, but rather you should search for the company that offers you the best services and the best prices.


Your search does not have to be based and permanent on a cheap and only moving company, and make the professional service provided to you your goal and refuge.

Professional Service Don’t Mix with Cheapest Service:

Because if you do not receive a professional furniture moving service for your home, office or organization, your loss will be great.


Where any piece of furniture can be injured, broken, or lost because of your insistence on the cheapest furniture moving company in Riyadh and your dealings with it.


We at (Rowad El Alam) Company have the best suitable prices for moving your furniture or furniture.

Prices Depending on >>>

It is important to know that determining the appropriate price we have in a moving company in Riyadh depends on several specific things,


Including the quantity of the baggage transported, the place from which the baggage was transported, the place it was transported to and the distance between them.

Also, deepening on >>

The moving price is also determined on the floors to and from which the transportation will take place, as well as the type of the moved furniture.


Once you contact our customer service, we take the full information from you and send a representative on our part.

And then the price is determined based on what was requested.

But in the end, do not worry, our prices are not comparable to other furniture moving companies in Riyadh working in the same field.

Factors Affecting the Price of Moving Furniture:

In order to be able to understand the answer to the question, what are the prices of furniture movers companies in Riyadh, please note that there are several factors that have a direct impact on the price set by each company to serve the customer, as they are the basis that determines whether you will get a cheap price or not,

As Follows:


The number of movable pieces of furniture.

Furniture size.

The distance between the two locations.

The number of furniture moving wheels required.

Furniture store order.

Availability of an elevator in the location of the moving heavy furniture or not.

The number of carton boxes.


What is the reason for the difference in prices in each moving company?



In fact, the high or low prices of furniture moving services are not the factor through which the best furniture moving company is determined from others, as it depends on the services provided and the work team, whether expert or not, as well as the speed of dealing and other factors.


So, where does the difference in the prices of moving companies in Riyadh come from?


This is due to the services provided by each company over the other, some of which provide transportation and packing only, others provide storage for furniture pads, others provide integrated services without the possibility of obtaining a single service.


Errors that Appear in the most prominent furniture Moving Service Operations:


1- Not washing carpets and other items before moving the furniture


In fact, moving heavy furniture is not just packing cartons and boxes without organization, and the most prominent mistakes that you can make is moving dirty items or as they are without washing them well, as a step like that would hinder the progress of the transportation process well.


First, before moving the furniture or any of the items, it is necessary to wash the carpets and rugs, in addition to removing the curtains and washing them well, and then packing each of these items tightly. The transportation itself is exhausting, and upholstery cleaning helps you quickly install the furniture and home furnishings.

2- Do not use foam and bubbles in packaging while Furniture Moving


In order to avoid breaking or scratching any of the dishes, glasses, cups and other important pieces of furniture, it is necessary to avoid packing them directly in cardboard boxes, or placing them on top of each other without placing good insulators between each two pieces.


Therefore, it is necessary to purchase a bubble roll to place it between dishes or glass pieces, and it is also recommended to place foam paper between glass containers or dishes, to prevent them from being scratched or broken when carrying cartons.


3- Using Non-Thick Balls and Tools That Can Be Cut or Damaged


In most cases, when furniture moving, a person does not realize the necessity of good packing, and that none of the pieces of furniture or glass items can be moved quickly or randomly. Rather, it requires the purchase of certain tools with strong materials to avoid cutting or damaging them.


How many times have some families suffered from cracking and scratching in the luggage as a result of putting the belongings in boxes of weak cardboard, or using a light material shawl, which caused all its contents to be emptied and broken when transported. Therefore, it is necessary to choose cartons of cardboard and strong material in bags and sacks.


Buy more boxes than you need

With regard to the materials for furniture moving and the need to choose cardboard boxes made of good cardboard, please note an important matter, which is the need to purchase a number of boxes more than the expected need, in appreciation of the occurrence of any problem with them or the insufficiency of the existing cartons.


Therefore, these are among the important steps that must be taken into account, in order to avoid the need to purchase other cartons, especially if the time is not sufficient, as this is a point that would hinder the entire transportation process.



in the event that you use a furniture moving company, it will provide you with the number of cardboard boxes you need without having to pay a lot of money, and even provide more of them immediately.


4- Not Cleaning The Tools of Each Room


The problem with moving heavy furniture is that most of the family members are in great tension and a state of extreme enthusiasm at the same time, and this causes obstruction to furniture  moving safely, but if you seek the help of furniture moving companies, you will find that the matter is done professionally and quickly without worrying.


But first, ideas must be arranged and each room cleaned separately. Also, with regard to moving and packing belongings, it is necessary to start room by room, to avoid prolonging the transportation time, not collecting all the items or forgetting something, and even cleaning services can use an expert to reduce the effort.


5- Transferring Najaf in the other, causing it to be broken


The most prominent mistakes made by most of those furniture movers the help of a specialist is the transfer of the chandeliers and lampshades when the rest of the items are finished and packed, but this matter only causes them to be broken in most cases.


Therefore, it is important to remove the baggage at the beginning, and the best furniture moving company in Riyadh provides that service to you within the baggage removal services, as it has skilled workers and specialists who can quickly and efficiently remove it, and the same thing in installation.

Workers in Rowad El Alam Company ..

The workers disassemble the Najaf carefully and preserve all the accessories in it, and then pack it properly. You might think that the matter is easy because of their speed, but they depend on some tools and precise steps that we show through the following lines.

What is The best Moving Process?

1- Prepare everything quietly

The first step to pay attention to when moving to a new home is good planning well in advance of moving the furniture, so that you can complete all the preparations at the right time, without tension or distraction, and to avoid any obstruction during the moving process.

2- Calculate new home maintenance and moving costs

Moving to a new house requires careful attention and calculating the costs of maintaining every part of it, whether water, drainage, electricity, etc., as well as changing the door lock before moving any of the belongings in it, in addition to painting the house and the empty space is much better, and all of this requires good financial preparations.

3- Select your transfer list

After preparing the move to your new home, you should try to prepare a list of everything you would like to move from your old home, in order to be able to separate the belongings that you want to take with you and that you want to get rid of; So that its space is appropriate with the holdings and you feel comfortable.

4- Pack bags and luggage

Among the important steps for moving to a new home is to pack all your luggage in designated boxes and tightly closed bags, and try as much as possible to move with valuable and useful luggage, and get rid of any things you no longer use; It is your golden opportunity to move into a comfortable home free of any complications.

5- Office Furniture Moving

Where the work team is in the process of dismantling the office furniture, which is that step that requires its completion by specialized technicians and carpenters, and it is provided by the “Ruwad Al-Alam” company, as it has a great ability to deal with all types of luggage, and each individual within the work team deals with a specific type of luggage.
Whether wooden, glass, or acrylic, so in moving office furniture in particular, excellent technicians, carpenters, and experts must be required.

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Moving furniture is one of the things that requires experience and the ability to arrange well first, and then organize packing the boxes and stacking the belongings in a way that makes them unbreakable, in addition to providing the tools and materials that facilitate the transportation. inside the Kingdom.

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We have many services and branches in Saudi Arabia, such as: furniture moving in Dammam, furniture  moving in Al-Khobar, furniture moving in Jeddah .. and so on.

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